Hello World –

Hello all –

I have finally given in and decided that it is time to document my adventures and creative ideas to share with the world.

Through this blog I want to convey the many ideas, the experiences of myself and others, and cool resources available out there. I do not consider myself an expert; however, through years of experience I feel that my knowledge and experiences may be helpful to others or at least entertaining.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I have ventured out beyond the region’s lines a bit, but keep finding myself coming back. Being a recreational, adrenaline-craving, beer-loving junky the PDX area will always be my home.

Born with the outdoors flowing through my blood I found my love with the outdoors at a young age. As a family we would go camping and hiking – nothing too extreme. With both parents from small rural towns in the beloved state of Oregon visits to their hometowns would be the catalyst for starting my adventures.

My visits to rural Oregon included adventures of spelunking in old mining craves, explorations to the highest peaks in the high desert, animal scouting, and hiking into the obis attempting to find an alternative route back. So basically I am living in the wrong century – probably would have fit in better with my friends Sacagawea, Clark, and Lewis. I would consider myself an adventurer-ist as well as an explorer. 

Spending summers helping out on the ranch in Oregon and the family camping/ hiking trips heavily influenced my passion for the outdoors. Later in life I began hiking regularly in the Columbia River Gorge and Mt Hood Wilderness area. I truly enjoy all that these areas have to offer – the amazing water falls, the diversity in terrain, the epic elevation climbs to beautiful vistas, the plant and wildlife, and being located relatively close to the city, but the ability to be yet so far from civilization.

Through this blog I want to broadcast my outdoor experiences including my likes/dislikes, helpful tips, and resources I come across.  

Enjoy –



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