Wahkeena Falls – Multnomah Falls Loop

Distance: RT 5 miles
Duration: 3 hours
Party: Mom, Dad, Myself
Wahkeena Falls – Multnomah Falls Loop Photos
NW Hiker info
Portland hiker info

It was one of those rare February winter days where the sun was out and the air was brisk. We started the hike from the Multnomah Falls parking lot.

I enjoy doing this loop counter clockwise because of the unique perspective you gain from this direction. Also, it’s nice to start the hike with a bit more solitude rather than the crowds hiking to the top of Multnomah Falls.

Like most hikes in the Columbia River Gorge there was an initial steep elevation gain. From the bottom of Wahkeena Falls to Lemons Point is a paved trail that climbs about 700 ft. Lemons Point offers beautiful views of the Western Columbia River Gorge. The trail continues to climb along Wahkeena Creek, which is fed from the snow run off of Larch Mountain.

Continue hiking up trail #420 and it will come to a fork with trail #419. Trail #420 meanders through the forested area and then merges with the #419 detour trail. Trail #419 offers great vista views, but can be difficult when wet because of the combination of steepness and mud. I usually take the #419 detour because the vista views are incredibly rewarding.

Less than a mile the trails merge at the juncture. Devils Rest trail head is at this juncture as well. Devils Rest is a painful steep climb to nothing. The one highlight about Devil’s Rest is there is little foot traffic creating a solitude experience. When I have hiked it in the past I was actually able to see some deer on the trail. This is pretty rare because of all of the foot traffic.

All in all this is a great hike especially if you are into waterfalls. There are a number of em’ along the trail –

Wahkeena Falls, Fairy Falls, Dutchman Falls, Wiesendanger Falls, Multnomah Falls and a few others even!

Wahkeena Falls – Multnomah Falls Loop Photos
NW Hiker info
Portland hiker info

– Garrett Hampton


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