Angles Rest

Angels Rest
1600 Feet  (Stephen was at about 1613 by climbing the tree ha)
4.8 mi
Myself, Kristin, David, Stephen, James, Drew
Angels Rest Hike + Mt Hood Meadows Photos
NW Hiker Trail Info
Portland, OREGON Hiker Info

Angels Rest is a quick n’ dirty hike to the top of one of the most exposed points in the Columbia River Gorge. Angels Rest is an extremely recognizable point in the Gorge viewable from the freeway. It sticks out like a sore pinky after a hard day of climbing at Smith Rock. When traveling eastbound look off to your right and up about 1600 feet and it’s the most exposed bare point with a few distinct trees atop.

Our party started the hike mid-morning. I am always weary of parking in that area due to the risk of a break in. It seems like I always see glass on the ground. I will give credit to the law enforcement for stepping up patrols all along the old highway – this has helped tremendously!

The hike starts with a gradual climb and immediately opens up to some great views of the Columbia River Gorge. Just beyond this clearing you come to Coopey Falls. This waterfall is about 35 feet in height – Stephen chose to use his own measuring methods to determine the “true height.”

From Coopey Falls the trail just gets steeper – switchbacks, switchbacks, switchbacks! The trail was recently rerouted, which ultimately made more switchbacks but definitely improved the trail. Prior to the improvements the trail climbed straight up the ridge – going up and over rocks and exposed tree roots. Rainfall caused the trail to become a muddy mess. A big shout out to the trail crew! Volunteer Opportunities –

When you reach the top of where the old trail meets the new one make sure you are all bundled up because the trees start to thin exposing you to the elements – getting blasted by wind! At this point the trail climbs steep switchbacks on the northface getting blasted by the great winds of the mighty Columbia River Gorge. Here’s some video footage from 2009 when I hiked it with my brother –

After hiking the steep north facing switchbacks the trail curves around to the west of the summit into a plethora of basalt rocks. This area is well protected from the wind. This area becomes a popular spot for lunch and sun bathing on a nice summer afternoon.

The trail continues South beyond the rocky area and then switches back to the summits ridge. To reach the true summit it entails hopping up and over a couple large rocks and then braving the usually extreme wind gusts. Atop of Angel’s Rest is arguably the best panorama view of the Columbia River Gorge. There stationed is a wind proof bench to sit, relax, and just look.

This day did not end after the steep downhill hike/run down to the parking lot…. We all piled into the car and drove on over to Mt Hood Meadows to do some “Meadows After Dark” riding. This action packed day was truly epic…

Angels Rest Hike + Mt Hood Meadows Photos
NW Hiker Trail Info
Portland, OREGON Hiker Info

-Garrett Hampton


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