Hamilton Mountain

2,480 Feet
9.4 miles Round Trip
Andrew and myself
Hamilton Mountain Hiking Photos
NW Hiker Trail Info

Andrew and I adventured off late in the day in “THE VAN” into the great Columbia River Gorge to pursue and conquer Hamilton Mountain. I had hiked Hamilton Mountain just a few weeks earlier, but decided to hike it again because Andrew had hiked most trails in the Western Gorge except for this one.

Our adventure started off with driving along the Scenic Washington Highway 14 – mostly just to avoid having to fork out the $1 (each way) it costs to cross The Bridge of the Gods. The drive is nice (of course once you pass the Camas Mill). The road is rolling and curvy in parts offering great views of the Columbia River Gorge from the perspective on the Washington side.

As we approached the turn off for Hamilton Mountain (just Northwest of Beacon Rock off of Highway 14) we decided to pull off at Beacon Rock first. While in the parking lot I learned that Andrew had not been to the top of Beacon either – completely astonished I geared up and prepared for the heavy winds that were going to welcome us at the top.

After our short little walk up Beacon Rock based on time our original plan was to run up to the Pool of the Winds Waterfall – hang out for a bit, do lunch up there and head back.

[the pool – lots of unexpected water for this time of year!]

After taking a few minutes to check out the falls Andrew made the executive decision to hike to the top of Hamilton Mountain. Like every other time I’ve hiked this trail we started with the “more difficult” trail then looping back down on the more gradual trail.

On the way up to the summit we moved quickly stopping occasionally for just a few moments to drink water and alternate carrying our one pack. Once atop Hamilton Mountain we wolfed down a couple of sandwiches to rejuvenate us for the trek down. We didn’t stay long at the summit as the winds were still just as blustery as they were atop Beacon Rock. For how crazy the weather was I was still able to snap a few good shots of my surroundings –

[Mt Adams from the top of Hamilton Mt looking East]

[Atop Hamilton Mt look directly South at snow-covered Mt Hood]

[Looking East in the Columbia River Gorge with the Dam beneath]

After our short break at the top we hiked North along the ridge to start our looping descent. With the combination of the colder weather, time deadlines, and beautiful downhill trail – the hike quickly turned into an all out trail run. We would run about a half mile or so then slow er’ down for a few letting our fragile knees take a short break for the intense pounding then continue down. Needless to say, we got down in a hurry!

For more info and a detailed write up on Hamilton Mountain you can read up on the first time I hiked it this year – Hamilton Mountain.


One response to this post.

  1. Good pictures for this time of year. The last few times I was on Hamilton Mountain, I couldn’t get decent pictures.

    Maybe next time 🙂


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