Wauna Viewpoint

850 Feet
4 miles Round Trip
Brian and myself
Wauna Viewpoint Hiking Photos
NW Hiker Trail Info

This is one of my favorite hikes because of the awesome panoramic views of the Columbia River Gorge. It is fairly short with a steady climb that seems to be uncrowded even on the sunniest days.

Due to such an awesome trail network in the Columbia River Gorge you have many options… You can start from Eagle Creek trail and walk across the suspension bridge and head West or begin at the Tooth Rock Trail and begin hiking East. I prefer the Tooth Rock trailhead merely because it seems to always be uncrowded and you have options of doing another short and sweet hike – Wahclella Falls Hike 2 miles round trip.

The trail isn’t the greatest when it comes to signage so I suggest bringing a guide book/map and allowing sufficient time to find your way to the viewpoint. We brought a couple of different guide books – Sir William Sullivan’s guide book as well as a topography map detailing all trails in the area.

After a short hike in the dense forrest you start to climb above the trees a bit with teasing views of what is even better atop at Wauana Viewpoint. You must ignore the power lines to enjoy it.

[Atop of Wauna Viewpoint looking East with Eagle Creek just below]

We decided to make a loop out  of this hike – so at the trail juncture not far from the top we hiked East towards Eagle Creek. After a short stint along this soft rolling trail we arrived to The Columbia Rive Gorge Old Historic Highway. Parts of this historic road have been either updated for use of the modern day vehicles to travel or converted into bikeways/walking paths.

The Columbia River Gorge Historic Highway is a beautifully constructed road that was well thought out having travelers experience the best of the Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area. The road takes you to the greatest viewpoints of the Columbia River Gorge including  6 viewable waterfalls from the road (Horsetail Falls, Multnomah Falls, Wahkeena Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, Sheppards Dell Falls, and Latourell Falls just to name a few) and amazing view points (Crown Point Vista House, Portland Womens Forum and many others similar to the picture above). I highly recommend taking off with your hiking boots or bicycle to check out the gems of the gorge…


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