Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon


The Seattle Rock n Roll Half Marathon / Marathon is an awesome well organized event that provides you with a sweet running tour of the Seattle Area. The course begins near the Boeing Air Field in Tukwila. The course highlights include music bands every mile, lake views/running lakeside, downtown Seattle views, and exceptional Course support. The race for both the Half/Full Marathon end at Quest Field.

This was my first half marathon. I went into this race with the simple goal of finishing. My training for this race included very little running – mostly cross training actually.

With my knee problems I had decided to limit my running to minimum due to the amount of pounding my knees would endure. Training included leg strengthening activities – mostly hiking and cycling. With hiking, cycling and staying generally active this allowed me to survive the 13.1 mile endurance race.

The race began at 7am with just over 27,000 runners toeing the line. Runners were placed in corrals based upon projected finish times and were released in waves. I was placed in corral 6 and released just 5 minutes after 7am. The first few miles felt painfully slow. I was completely boxed in by the other thousands of runners surrounding me. I felt like I could neither go faster or slower being stuck in the middle of the pack.

It was a surreal feeling to be surrounded by this many people. Despite the 7am morning coldness I felt warm and cozy with all of the body heat around me. Just minutes beyond the starting line the music started to fade and runners began zone in. Sounds of footsteps and breathing took the place of music. I looked around me and saw men and women of all ages, body types, and running styles. I could hear runner’s breathing cadence nearby and began to focus on my own – 2 in 1 out.

Every time I felt like I was about to zone out I turned the corner to hear the music of the next band or large groups of people cheering us all on. This definitely provided motivation and spurts of adrenaline to refocus and continue on.

My absolute favorite portion of the Seattle Rock n Roll Half Marathon was miles 6 to 9 along Lake Washington. Running this section reminded me of the Tour De France. The road was curvy and lined with hundreds of people cheering us on. With the combination of crowds lined along the road cheering us all on, Lake Washington views and the cool breeze off the water this was definitely a sweet section of running!

Just beyond Lake Washington was the split off for the hardcore Marathoners. The marathoners had to veer to the right and run across the Bridge while the Half Marathoners veered left into the tunnel. We were welcomed at the start of the tunnel by Elvis busting moves. In the tunnel a DJ was setup blaring tunes echoing a great distance.

The great thing about Quest Field being the finish area is you can see it from far away. Having the ability to see the finish area a few miles out gave me a sense of urgency to speed things up a bit and hope that the pain was almost over :). The last mile or so ended with some downhill action giving me some extra speed as I cruised through the crowd lined streets. Downhill has always given me an advantage with my Johnny Long Legs.

SDC13096SDC13097 [Here’s me coming across the finish line]

All in all, the run was great despite the aches and pains I endured during and post race. I want to give a big thanks to the Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon event crew and all the volunteers involved in making this all happen. It was an awesome event!

SDC13099[Cheers to 13.1 miles!]




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  1. I really enjoyed reading about your run – well done for finishing 🙂 I like the idea of having different music at each mile, and with the crowds too it sounds like the course has a great atmosphere!


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