Dee Wright Observatory

Scenic Pull Off directly off of Highway 242

Paved trail (200ft from parking area?)

Incredible views of Lava Fields & Cascade Mountains

On our journey to Proxy Falls we had passed the Dee Wright Observatory. Dee Wright Observatory is located in the midst of the incredible lava fields at the summit of the Highway 242/McKenzie Pass Highway Scenic Highway (5200ft). When you get out of your car you immediately feel like you are on another planet. The lava rock fields span as far as the eye can see.


[Walking towards the Dee Wright Observatory]


[Amazing Lava Fields Spanning for miles – Mt Washington in the distance]


[Inside the lower level of the Dee Wright Observatory – Info on the wall explains area and holes act as look outs to the many Cascade Mountains surrounding]




[Above is Black Butte, which is located 12.4mi from the Dee Wright Observatory – Oddly the frame around Black Butte is shaped like the State of Oregon]



[Sisters from the upper leve/top of Dee Wright]


[Me atop Dee Wright]


[Bob atop Dee Wright with the 2 beautiful Sisters]


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