Dexter – the Beast!

Hello all –

Sorry I’ve been out of the blogisphere for awhile and definitely need to get caught up with write ups on a few trips and hikes. We recently rescued a 1 year old lab pup from the Multnomah County Animal Shelter. Dexter has kept us extremely busy with his crazy lab personality.

We started things off by putting him in a crate/kennel at night and while we were gone during the day. Soon after we discovered that Dexter has great ambition, perseverance and anxiety issues – he has escaped from 2 different style kennels 8 times and counting. The first time caught us off guard as we opened the door and he stood their wagging his tail happily awaiting our arrival. We were nervous as we walked into the house looking and searching for something destroyed – however, not the case at all (I think he used all his energy escaping).

After numerous escapes by Dexter the Escape Artist we decided to completely do away with the $200’s worth of crates/kennels and simply go with a $17 bed from costco. As this is our first dog/pet we are learning very quickly what to do and what not to do (mostly what not to do). I left Dexter with free reign over the common areas for a few hours just to test him. When returning I was still very surprised at his well behaved house manners – everything still seemed to be entact. Quickly earning my trust I increased the time I left Dexter with control over the place. When returning Dexter seemed extra excited to see me with an extraordinary amount of energy. At first sight things looked ok. At first smell things smelt better than when I left… hmmmm. As I looked around I had found that Dexter found one of the many pinecones that Kristin placed strategically throughout the house to rid our the dog smell. He had chewed it up – making the place smell better, but leaving pinecone reminisce scattered about. In addition to the pinecone there were a few other things Dexter claimed.

Dexter vs Pinecone = Dexter wins

Dexter vs Wii Controller = Wii Controller looses big

Dexter vs Garrett & Kristin hiding treats ‘out of reach’ = Dexter not hungary anymore

Before I had left we made sure to give Dexter a task – eating penut butter out of his Kong toy. Not only did he do work on the Kong toy he also devoured his bone. We are currently stock piling bones and searching for a bone that will take Dexter longer than a day to eat through.

Beyond a few little mishaps parenthood has been going okay. We love that we have a new addition to the Family!


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  1. Posted by MamaBus on November 17, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    Dexter is awesome. Go to “ondemand” TV shows and watch the newest Dog Whisperer. Episode on kennal crate anxiety. Really watch dog Whisperer great benefit to new parents.


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