Proxy Falls – Crater Lake Trip

1.9 miles Loop

Garmin Interactive Map

Elevation Gain:
187 ft

Min/Max Elevation:
3,067 ft / 3,245 ft

Proxy Fall is a family friendly hike located right off of Highway 242/McKenzie Pass Highway. Keep in mind that this highway is closed for a large portion of the year due to extreme snow conditions. To find out road conditions or road closures check out Trip Check.

I had recently hiked Proxy Falls in September when we were in Sisters, Oregon. If you are driving through the area it is definitely worth the stop. The trailhead is located just off the highway and offers cool views of the lava fields and 2 unique waterfalls.



[Trail map]

On our way to Crater Lake we took the scenic byway and Proxy Falls was our first of many stops. It was cool to see how the area had changed from hiking it just a few months prior. Despite it being a tad bit wet the fall colors were impressive.


[Beautifully Marked Trailhead]


[A little green, rain and even sun]



[Lower cascading falls]


[Fresh Flowing water]




[Upper Falls – Also the ‘big one’]


[Lava Fields]


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Andrew on December 17, 2010 at 12:35 am

    Amazing “Fall” pic. Didn’t know you were so in touch with your artistic side…


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