Bend, Oregon – Crater Lake Trip

After our adventures at Proxy Falls and Dee Wright Observatory we arrived in Bend, Oregon at lunch time. Where else better to go in Bend during lunch time – one of the many breweries of course! We chose the Bend Brewing Company. Great place with good eats and solid brews.

bend brewery

While we were in Bend we also visited the ranger station to get some info on camping in the area. I was dissatisfied with the little info I did get from the person there – they knew nearly nothing about the area. I do have to say that at most visitor centers / ranger stations I’ve been to I have had great experiences. So I proceeded to purchase my NW Forest Pass, grab a few maps and head towards Mt Bachelor along the Cascade Lakes Highway.

From some prior research of the area and hiking up the South Sister a few months earlier we just winged things. The one thing that the ranger was sure of was that we could camp anywhere in this area. Along the Cascade Lakes Highway there are numerous camping areas and hiking trails. It was starting to get dark so we pulled off at one of the first ones we came across – Soda Creek. Things in late October at Soda Creek consisted of us being the only ones around – this is definitely not the case during the summer months!

Garmin Interactive Map of Camping Spot


[Soda Creek]

IMG_1938 IMG_1942

[Animal remains…]


[First order of business – A Widmer Brrr]


[Making do with the resources around]


[Ah yes, warmth!]


[Light dusting of snow over night]


[I love my #5 shorts!]


[Cleaning up  the camp site]


[Map of Cascade Lakes Highway – Click to enlarge]

We continued South with our next stop at Diamond Lake.


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