Crater Lake! – Crater Lake Trip


Crater Lake is just shy of 2,000 feet deep making it the deepest lake in the United States of America and the seventh deepest globally. Crater Lake is kinda a big deal. This area of Oregon receives some of the highest snow levels in the Continental United States (average of 44 feet!), which definitely helps with keeping water levels up!

With the lake itself being at 6,000 plus feet we were definitely expecting to run into a bit of snow in October; however, not 6 inches….




We approached Crater Lake National Park from Northern end and started to climb in elevation quickly hitting gobs of snow. There were many pull outs, but they were not plowed and I did not want to deal with getting stuck. Unfortunately, Wizard Island and Crater Lake were mostly socked in as new storm systems were moving in. We did get a short glimpse of see Wizard Island before the clouds ate it up.




[And Wizard Island disappears.. ]

Despite there being 6 inches of snow on the ground and it being October – Fall had not completely came and gone…




[Life must be tough for this little guy]

We briefly visited the visitors center as it was the only thing open. The Crater Lake Lodge had been boarded up and Winterized just a few days prior. Even though we weren’t blessed with the ‘perfect’ conditions it was nice to not have to pay a park entrance fee, not have to deal with the insane traffic, and it was very cool to see the lake with snow / fall colors!


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