Table Mountain 10/26/10

Garmin Interactive Map (Garmin 405 died during this hike)

16 Miles

3350 Elevation gain

Matt, Myself

Table Mountain is a great hike with great rewards – the great rewards / views are why people hike it on a clear day. Those of us who choose to hike it on a day such as this are idiotic and just looking for a good challenge or workout.

Many people choose the shorter approach to Table Mountain – the Aldrich Butte Trail, which is 8 miles. This trailhead is located just West of the Bonneville Hot Springs Resort. Matt and I decided to mix it up with starting from the Bonneville Dam Trailhead, which is double the miles – 16miles in all.

From the Bonneville Dam Trailhead you begin hiking along the Pacific Crest Trail. I am always a fan of hiking on the PCT as it is usually well maintained, offers some of the best views, and plus of its notoriety.

About 3 miles into the hike we hit Gillette Lake. At this point the rain was a heavy constant mist making it feel like we had took a dip in the Lake.

IMG_2259[ Gillette Lake w/ the PCT Trail Marker]

Despite our current wet state we hiked on hoping to get above the freezing level soon in hopes of some dry snow verses the wet rain.

We hiked…. hiked… and hiked….

It rained…. rained … and rained…


[Matt being a good sport despite being wet, tired & hungry 🙂 ]

IMG_2225 [Me – wondering where the top of table mt is! ]

IMG_2222 [Table Mt? Please! ]

[Table Mountain – Snow at the top]

2010 - 736

[My poor Garmin 405 – hmmm not so waterproof!]

My garmin apparently was exposed to an extreme about of rain causing it to loose its waterproof-ness. No one or thing should ever have to endure that much rain… ever! Needless to say I called up Garmin and they happily credited me and I happily upgraded to the garmin 310 (20 hr battery life vs the 405’s 8 hours).

[Garmin 310xt]

The Garmin 310 is an amazing gps watch for the avid cyclist, hiker, runner, snowshoer, etc… It gives you quick and mostly accurate stats like elevation, distance, speed, and heart rate. In addition, the watch even features a map tracking your waypoints. With the map function and easy to read data fields the computer-sized watch is justified – Although if you wear it out on the town you may look like a home school kid and be hackled until performing the quadratic formula as it is similar to the size of the infamous calculator watch.


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