Wauna Viewpoint… Again! 11/28/2010

Garmin Interactive Map

4.27 mi

Elevation Min / Max:

190 ft / 1,095 ft

Brain, Daisy, Kristin, Dexter & I

Wauna Viewpoint has become a favorite of mine as it is relatively close to Portland (exit 40), lightly traveled, and offers great views of the Columbia River Gorge in a short and not too difficult hike.

We decided to hike Wauna Viewpoint this day because we wanted the dogs to be able to run and not have to worry about them falling off a steep switchback.


[Snow covered hilltops]


[Looking West at Beacon Rock]

The snow level had dropped tremendously earlier that week and dusted the cliffs of the gorge.

We always start from Tooth Rock Trailhead verses Eagle Creek as it is closer and usually less crowded. The trail isn’t well marked so it is wise to bring a map especially the first time hiking this one. Even after a few times of hiking Wauna Viewpoint the cut off trail can be difficult to spot as it becomes overgrown by vegetation.

Once you’ve spotted the cut off trail just keep hiking up…


[Near the ‘fork in the trail’ – continue ‘up’ hiking left / East] 

In just a couple of miles you are above the trees and have a great view of the Columbia River Gorge in no time.


[Looking North towards Washington with Bonneville Dam and the Columbia River below]


[Washington Cliffs]

This was Dexter’s first time meeting Daisy – they were excited as they ran up and down the trail. They probably put in 3 times the amount of distance as we did! As we approached the rock cropping we noticed the dogs running ahead and barking. Luckily they were smart enough to not run down the steep rocky hillside after this good sized buck…


[Buck about 150 yards down the hillside]   

Once we reach the top of Wauna Viewpoint there was an inch or so of snow. The views were pretty sweet with the low clouds, snow covered hills and sun peaking through.



[Looking East – Can you spot the Bridge of the Gods / Cascade Locks?]


[The dogs lovin the snow..] 

  IMG_2351  [Looking West as the sun is getting ready to set]


[Happy Family]

Here’s Wauna Viewpoint back in May 2010..


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